Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Reviews

One of Bowtech’s greatest masterpieces is the Infinite Edge Pro. Apart from professionals, beginners are welcome to enter archery with utmost confidence with this compound bow.

Check out this Diamond Infinite Edge review to know why it’s one of the best compound bow.


What makes this compound bow special is its versatility. It’s not only suitable for amateurs and professionals alike but also crafted for people of different ages, gender, hand dominance, and purpose.

A reputable company like Bowtech that has been producing archery equipment for years had conquered lots of limitations with the Infinite Edge.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Reviews

  • Draw Length: 13-31 inches
  • Draw Weigth: 5-70 pounds​
  • Brace Height: 7 inches
  • Axle to Axle: 31 inches
  • Bow Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Speed: 310 feet per second
  • Let-off: 80%

rotating-modules-Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Reviews



Draw Length

Starting with the draw length; it’s the edge of the Infinite Edge and the reason why it’s widely popular. Draw length is one of the basic things you find when looking for a prospective compound bow, right?

Worry no more about finding something that suits you because this product is adjustable! Infinite Edge claims the range from 13 inches to 31 inches.

The minimum (13 inches) just proves that kids as young as eight years old can handle this bow. You can still play with this bow as you grow older because it has a “grow with you” feature.

It is unwise to use a compound bow that is not adjusted to your particular arm length. The consequences are dire in which it can affect your performance and accuracy.

If you don’t know how to set things up, you can visit an archery equipment shop and request for a set-up.

But when you buy a compound bow, it comes with a manual that you can read on how to adjust the draw length.

Setting the Draw Length

The factory setting of the draw length is at 26 inches. From its manual, adjusting the draw length is done by dividing into three parameters: A, B, and C. The “A” setting is for 17 inches and above.

For anything lower than that number, go to “B” and “C” settings. Then, you will need a hex wrench to remove the screws that attach them to the cams. Do the adjusting from higher to lower by rotating the module to the desired length.

Setting the Draw Length

Draw Weight

Next stop is the draw weight of a compound bow. This factor is also one of the basic things that you examine in buying a bow. Indeed, Infinite Edge has proven its versatility yet again with the adjustable draw weight.

Definitely for skinny arms that can only carry a few pounds to a strong upper body that can withstand immense pressure from the full draw position.

By the way, with Infinite Edge you can go from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs. as you continue with your path.

The 70-pound draw weight is pretty impressive, though. You won’t just limit yourself to a small game when you go hunting; you can go for bigger ones. You can even subdue a bear in the wild.

Setting the Draw Weight

From its manual, setting the draw weight depends on the draw length. Accordingly, you will have to set it differently for each A, B, and C settings.

There’s a table of the listed values, and you just have to follow that. Using an appropriate hex wrench, adjust the limb bolt. Your draw weight should show at the top and bottom limb bolt.


Diamond Infinite Edge makes arrow travel perfectly smooth because of the eccentric dual cam system. The cams are elliptical and synchronized to each other. This means that it is utmost forgiving for the beginners in archery.

The cam system may lower the speed for a bit, but you recover because of a smoother draw.

About the draw cycle, it has remained consistent despite different settings as the cams make it possible. They are not aggressive and provide smooth draws shot after shot.

The cams are also responsible for changing your draw length and draw weight arbitrarily. Through the cams, you’ll have to undo the screws and rotate the modules then put the screws back on.

Limbs and Riser

Infinite edge has solid black limbs that are parallel to each other position on both ends. They are mounted on a one-piece riser.

This riser is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight as also as durable. With these two, hand-shock is duly eliminated, reduction of vibrations,


The black grip for Infinite Edge is made of rubber. It makes your hand feel in place no matter the size. Also, the texture prevents hand torque as it’s not susceptible to wearing due to extreme temperatures.

But some users claimed that the handle is not as ergonomic as it should lead to uneasiness when you hold the bow.


Thanks to the cams, they make up the next level innovation in the bow industry. The let-off is simply one of the products of having cams. Infinite Edge specifically has 80% let-off. What does this percentage mean?

Normally, for other kinds of bows, you will have to draw the weight at a maximum to guarantee fast arrows and ethical kills. But with compound bows, the strain of going at a maximum is lifted off.

If you intend to shoot at a 70-pound draw weight, the weight you only have to pull is 20% of this number.

There’s a setting found in Infinite Edge that makes it different from most bows aside from profound versatility. That is the Infinity setting. With that setting, the let-off efficiency would be zero.

This is highly advisable for a bow that is consistently shared with other people. By that setting, they can use the bow depending on their draw lengths. To use the Infinity setting, simply align the Infinity sign for both cam modules to the indexing marks.


There’s no doubt that you can go fishing with this compound bow. This is a feature possible thanks to the Infinity setting that is in Infinite Edge.

To do effective bow fishing, you will need a reel because it’s not available in the package, and heavier arrows for better penetration underwater.

Speed and Kinetic Energy

An IBO speed of 310 feet per second is listed for this compound bow. This is about the maximum draw weight of 70 lbs., 30-inch draw length, and 350-grain arrows.

Of course, the speed varies depending on reduced values of draw length and weight and the mass of the arrows used.

Speed is not that important for beginners as it is for professional hunters. As they say, beginners should focus on the perfect shooting form and accuracy before they start gunning for the arrow travel and speed.

Back to hunting, kinetic energy is paramount when it comes to targeting prey. At IBO speed of 310 feet per second with the same reference values, the kinetic energy is 74.5 ft/lbs.

Typically, the animals in this level consist of large bears, buffalos, etc. This capability is what makes Infinite Edge powerful, indeed.

65 ft/lbs and beyondDangerousGrizzly Bear, Cape Buffalo
45 ft/lbs - 65 ft/lbsLargeRed Stag, Elk, Hogs, Black Bear
30 ft/lbs - 45 ft/lbsMediumAntelope, Deer
30 ft/lbs and underSmallRabbit, Squirrel, Turkey, Fox

Noise and Vibration

As this bow targets the beginners, Bowtech made it lightweight, making the bow not quiet enough.

Though the vibrations of the string could be controlled with the string stopper already equipped to the riser, the bow is already pretty quiet.

If you’re a hunter, you may need to buy bow stabilizer separately for dampening purposes as well as improve balance.

Design and Set Package

When you intend to buy Infinite Edge, there are three finishes you can choose from. The available colors include BlackOps, Pink Blaze, and Mossy Oak Infinity. You can also choose the bow depending on your hand orientation, right or the left.

The compound bow is simply not ambidextrous, so particular bows are needed if you’re right-handed or not.

As for the USA-made bow itself, you don’t need to assemble it as soon as you receive it from postage or bought at an archery shop.

As it is, as soon as you’re done setting your preferences, you can already shoot arrows. What comes along when you buy Infinite Edge include the following:

  • DeadLock Lite Octane quiver
  • Tube peep sight
  • Hostage XL arrow rest
  • 3-Pin Apex compound bow sight
  • Comfortable wrist sling
  • D string loop
  • Lifetime warranty

Value for Money

This compound bow is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive from the whole bunch. But its price is very competitive with the compound bows available that “grows with you” and exceptional adjustability.

Indeed, if you think of it on a long-term basis, buying this bow once is better than upgrading to several bows as you or your kid develops.


  • Using the compound bow comes with many precautions to preserves its life span. Due to its price, the owner should be responsible for taking care of his compound bow so he will not have the need to replace it.
  • Supervision is needed for children who are using any compound bow. This is because it is not a toy to recklessly play with as you might injure someone or some animal.
  • Never dry fire the bow. This is important in keeping you bow long-lasting. This also prevents injuries to yourself or the others. If you plan to draw the string, hold it firmly until to a maximum draw then never release it until you position it back to its original setting.
  • Aiming it at a person is an NO unless you do it for self-defense.
  • Never shoot damaged/cracked arrows to avoid injuring somebody.
  • Never store your compound bow in an area with extreme conditions as this may lead to damage.
  • Hang it on the bow rack and don’t make it stand upright for a long time.
  • Waxing the string is important to make it more durable and long-lasting.


This particular bow has amassed lots of positive praises from the time it was released to the market. One user said that the draw was so smooth that there are no problems encountered be it shooting or anything.

The bow itself was great with an amazing design and specs that speak for how valuable the compound bow is. In fact, he liked the flexibility that he didn’t need to “break the bank”.

Another user has just got back to holding a compound bow after being inactive for so long. He said that he felt like shooting arrows naturally without the pressure of getting comfortable with the compound bow after so long.

He complained that the bow sight wouldn’t make you see anything at night, so he needed to buy another one.

Some users have repeatedly complained that the bow sight and the grip are not cut out for the high-quality compound bow. The bow sight seemingly affected the performance at low light, and the grip wasn’t ergonomic to be comfortable after holding the bow for long periods of time.


Through this Diamond Infinite Edge review, you learned on the aspects that make this compound bow one of the best bows ever made. Indeed, being included into the bestsellers is no easy feat, but this one achieved that.

From learning proper shooting form to hunting large game, anything’s possible with Diamond Infinite Edge.