Best Shoulder Holster – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Also called an underarm holster, the best shoulder holster serves as a viable solution for concealed carry or for carrying your sidearm openly during a tactical assignment.

The best one is actually well-fitted and well-designed. It works for the majority of handguns either for open carry or concealed carry.

It also tends to be more effective when used in heavier handguns. It is mainly because it spreads the weight of the gun over a larger body part.

For example, if you’re carrying a heavy gun on your belt, then you might experience minor discomfort on the small of your back or on your side after heavily using it for several hours.

With that discomfort, you might need to use a thick waist belt as a means of supporting the pistol.

Why Do You Need the Best Shoulder Holster?

Best Shoulder Holster

As a great alternative to the thick waist belt, you can take advantage of a high-quality and fully adjustable shoulder holster.

It promotes ease in carrying your gun or pistol while also cutting the effort needed for carrying it on your belt in half.

With this holster, you can conceal carry long-barreled and large-frame revolvers.

Just make sure that you also wear adequate garments to ensure that the holster remains completely concealed while also preventing the risk of printing.

There are actually numerous benefits in investing in a shoulder holster aside from what’s previously mentioned.

It’s particularly useful if you’re around a machinery. It helps you keep spare magazines, speed loaders, or the weapon out of your way when you are working.

It is also beneficial when you are planning to work from a prone position. Unlike a hip holster, it won’t drag you on the ground or catch on something that might cause distractions when you’re working.

If you’re planning to invest in the best shoulder holster, then the following five products are worth checking out:

Best Shoulder Holster Reviews

1 Gould & Goodrich B804-G17 Gold Line – Best Horizontal Carry Style Holster

Gould & Goodrich B804-G17 Gold Line

This holster from Gould & Goodrich allows you to experience faster draws thanks to its horizontal style.

If you’re looking for a holster that could easily fit GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, and 39, then the B804 is an excellent choice.

When it comes to looks, this holster has got everything to look high-end.

Leather enthusiasts would be glad to know this holster is made of a fine genuine leather.

Though the overall look is somehow conventional, there are added benefits regarding functionality.

The quality of this holster adheres to the world-class standards set by the brand itself. Gould & Goodrich is a famous brand known for making the best leather shoulder holsters on the planet.

The holster can be easily concealed because the back swivel helps the straps to lay flat. You’ll also like how this Gould & Goodrich give you maximum comfort thanks to its fully adjustable design – the whole holster system can be adjusted.

Furthermore, this one holds your ammo and pistol securely; it has straps to retain your weapons.

Having two weapons shouldn’t worry you since this holster offer double ammunition capacity. This Gould & Goodrich feature two-speed loader holders or mag pouches on the right side of the holster; so you’ll have two reloads. With that, carrying an extra load is a breeze.

Overall, the B804- G17 is a high-quality holster that comes at a reasonable price. Fine leather dominates the looks while its functionality defines comfort even if you wear it all day.

Ease of use is also something you will never miss when using this holster.

The fully-adjustable system makes it easier to satisfy your personal or particular preference when wearing this one.


2 Aker Leather 101 “Comfort-Flex” – Best Shoulder Holster for Large-Sized Men

Aker Leather 101 Comfort-Flex

The Aker Leather 101 “Comfort-Flex’ Shoulder Holster is specially molded to fit the weapon it intends to keep perfectly.

Additionally, Aker designed this holster also to accommodate several barrel lengths under the same model sidearm. This is done by putting an open muzzle.

This holster is created for the Glock 17, and it will also fit the 19, 22, 23, 26, and 27.

Cool, black leather, with a suede-like inner surface and a smooth top finish consist the overall look of the holster. You’ll like how the design could grip in your jacket just enough without dragging it.

This shoulder holster system is designed in such a way the contoured harness doesn’t allow the centerpiece to ride up and put the weight of the weapon on your neck’s base.

With that, you won’t experience the pain you usually get from a wrongly designed harness. The weight of the Aker 101 is where it belongs – the shoulder muscles.

You also get to enjoy optimum concealment, thanks to the diagonal carry made possible by the rear strap attaching point placed at the holster’s lower edge.

Moreover, the straps can be adjusted to cater even a 62-inch chest. The adjustable feature makes this holster ideal for larger-sized people. A big man would really feel comfortable with this shoulder rig.

The thing that makes Comfort Flex standout among other holsters is the fact it comes from a reputable brand.

For over 25 years, Aker has been making fine gun leather, and the brand has been the favorites of authority figures.

For example, the United States Customs and Border Protection; California Highway Patrol; FBI Academy; NCIS; U.S. Navy; Honolulu PD; LAPD; and U.S. Postal Service to name a few – all use Aker as their first choice.

You may not always see Aker in your local stores, but they are famous among large entities. Being made in the U.S., there’s no question about the quality.


3 Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System – Best Vertical Carry Style Holster

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System

Galco is also a renowned brand in the world of guns.

Rather than behind them, some people prefer their gun to point down.

If you are one of that kind, this vertical shoulder from Galco is an ideal choice.

Not only that it comes from a reputable brand, but its features also don’t disappoint.

Galco made this holster by integrating the features of a conventional vertical shoulder holster system to that of the famous and highly successful Miami Classic.

Available in either tan or black finish, this holster consists of a thick saddle leather – something you cannot see in the commercial market every day.

Made with excellent materials, the brand is proud to have this holster see action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just like the Aker, this Galco is used by the military and law enforcement personnel. The patented swivel connectors and the clover shape design allows the holster to accommodate almost all form and body size.

The thing that makes Galco stand out among other brands is the vast sea of accessories you can purchase; however, only separately.

If you’re a fan of accessories, then the Jackass Rig could be an ideal one.

Accessories make your system versatile, and it adds more functionality to the already-existing features the holster already possesses.

Overall, if you want a vertical carry style holster, the Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System is a great choice. It may take you up to three days to ‘perfectly’ fit your pistol or what users like to call as ‘break in period.’

You may also have to use a plastic bag, as the instructions recommend, when it comes to fitting with the holster.

Owning a 1911 5-inch Colt is a breeze with the Galco Jackass Rig.

It would be hard to find a CC holster in the entire market that could almost entirely conceal a full size 1911 5-inch. The price is truly worth it.


4 Galco Miami Classic II – Best Shoulder Holster

Galco Miami Classic II

The brand sees the Miami Classic as the “most imitated” holster system on the planet.

Galco is undeniably one of the biggest names in the gun industry and their Miami Classic has probably become their symbol for some time.

Galco first made a holster back in 1970, and the Miami Classic is a direct descendant of their original shoulder system.

Since its release, the Miami Classic has been the preferred shoulder holster system among professionals.

Along with the Jackass Rig Shoulder System, the Galco Miami was the system used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Matter of fact, the Miami Classic II is still being used up to this date.

Though they came from the same brand, the Miami Classic II differs a lot from the Jackass Rig Shoulder System. The “spider harness” is Miami Classic’s primary component as a patented shoulder system.

The Spider harness has four points that are connected by the swivel back plate (clover shaped Flexalon) and pivots independently.

With this Galco trademark, you’ll surely experience long-term comfort and a suitable fit for all shapes and sizes.

Tough system screws hold the holster together, and a saddle leather comprises the actual holster itself.

Just like the Jackass Rig, the Classic II is available in two finishes: tan or black. The finish is simply excellent, and the leather is just so nice; quite a fine holster at a reasonable price.

This holster is just everything you could expect from a Galco.


5 Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster – Best Shoulder Holster for Bigger Guns

Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster

Now if you want to house a more serious heavy revolver in the most secure way possible, nothing could probably beat the Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster.

If you’re looking for a shoulder holster that could accommodate a large hunting handgun without sacrificing comfort and accessibility, the new Kodiak Hunter Shoulder Holster is a great choice.

It seems like the brand has made into our list three times and it simply deserves all the spots.

Designed for large guns, the Kodiak could carry a magnum revolver diagonally across the torso.

Wearing the holster all day wouldn’t be as hassle as you thought it could be. The Kodiak is crafted with the comfort factor in mind.

The maker followed the fundamental principles that govern the design of modern backpacks; a torso strap is in conjunction with a padded shoulder strap, giving you the control for quick adjustments whenever you are in the field.

The actual angle and settlement of the holster on the front torso can be quickly changed throughout the day.

This gives you utmost independence without any disturbance in doing your activities whether you’re walking in the field or driving trucks.

The weight could be shifted off the shoulder strap when you tighten the torso strap. With that, you’ll have a whole day of comfortable field carry.

Another thing that makes the Kodiak distinct among other holsters is it doesn’t need any tools (like screws, etc.) for you to make adjustments.

With this feature, can now wear it over a thin shirt during the warm season, wear under your coat, or wear with your heavy winter clothes. You could just pair it with almost any possible cloth.

Galco has probably made the top holsters in the industry. A lot of people would agree that Galco produces the highest-quality concealment holsters on the market.

The Kodiak, for instance, is a testament to the kind of product the brand provides.

You can use Kodiak to carry your primary hunting revolver; utilize it for having a peace of mind in a bear country, or simply as a medium to take a rifle backup as an archer.

Overall, the Kodiak is ideal for people looking for a holster that could keep a heavy revolver comfortably, accessibly, and securely. The price is just right for this holster. It won’t disappoint you.


Importance of a Shoulder Holster

Whether for open carry or concealed carry of your favorite handgun, you need the best shoulder holsters as they both fit well and are designed well.

Best Shoulder Holster

Ideal for heavy handguns

Having heavier handguns won’t be much of a burden anymore since shoulder holsters could spread the gun’s weight out over a broader part of your body.

Without a shoulder holster, you would experience much discomfort on certain parts.

For example, carrying a heavy gun on your belt for long hours would result in uneasiness on your side or your back after carrying it for extended periods.

Supporting your pistol would also require you to use a thick waist belt.

Easy carry, all-around

The main benefit of having a shoulder holster is you can carry handguns in the simplest way possible. Added benefit includes utmost comfort as holsters are designed for your gun’s convenient carry.

Matter of fact, using a holster allows you to utilize only half the effort needed if you were rather to place your gun on your belt.


Another significant benefit of using a shoulder holster is concealment. Long barreled and large frame revolvers are now easy to conceal thanks to how holster systems are designed.

However, this needs the aid of ample outer garments; a way to prevent printing and fully covering the holster.

The holster only serves as a strategic way of wearing your handgun in your body that allows outer garments to conceal it.


Holster systems function in such a way you won’t be disturbed by your activities.

While you work, you won’t feel your speed loaders, spare magazines, and your weapon as a nuisance while you are moving around. Working around machinery is a breeze when you wear a holster.

You’ll realize how the magic of a shoulder holster works when you compare it with a tactical thigh holster or a standard belt holster. These types of holster could get in your way when you work.

They could potentially get in the way because the way you wear them could easily interrupt you while you move. For instance, a hip holster could catch on something or drag on the ground when you are working from a prone position.

On the other hand, shoulder holsters promote maneuverability, allowing you to become more productive in whatever it is you are working on.


Selecting the best shoulder holster is made easier by this article. I hope this article was able to help you in choosing your next partner in keeping your beloved handgun.