Top 6 Best Reloading Kits 2022 – Guide & Reviews

Whether you are interested in target shooting or hunting, have you spent too much on ammunition? Because buying new bullets whenever you want to shoot does not seem to be an economical way.

Luckily, you can reload your own ammo to save your money!

What is reloading? This process entails loading cartridges on shotgun shells or a firearm by assembling elements, like powder, bullets, primer, and case.

It will help you understand more about how bullets and ammo work. But first of all, you need to get the best reloading kit for yourself.

We have reviewed some highly-rated reloading kits here, and if you are interested, come and see it.

Top 6 Best Reloading Kits of 2023

1 Dillon XL650 Blue Dream Machine – Editor’s Choice

Dillon XL650 Blue Dream Machine 

The top spot belongs to the Dillon XL650 Blue Dream Machine.

This progressively high-speed reloading machine can load the most common rifle and handgun cartridges, for example from .458 Winchester Magnum, .17 Hornet, .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), and .500 S& W Magnum.

Although you have to accept a higher price, you will receive more benefits than you have expected.

The XL650 model comes with automatic indexing – it can produce up to 800 rounds each hour. This number is even larger if you use both the case and bullet feeders.

You will save a lot of time while it is still reloading. So, when do you need to do it manually with the machine? That is when you put the bullet on the powder-filled brass.

What’s more, in just ten 10 minutes, you can swap this machine from one caliber to the next one.

Everything in this machine will complete your reloading action, from the case feed tube for lining up your empty brass to the powder measure for determining the amount of powder.

There is also a priming system including both large and small priming parts.

You just have to fill it, then the priming process will be automatically done while you can get a pick-up tube for your primers.

However, here are several drawbacks to the product you need to know. The base unit does not include a dies set and motor for the case feeder.

You have to buy these things separately. 

This Dillon XL650 Blue Dream Machine owns a lot of unique features to make the reloading process more straightforward.

It has an auto-indexing press, and you do not need to measure powder for every caliber manually.

2 LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II – Runner-Up Option

LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II

Another quality reloading kit you can get! Containing everything you need for reloading your ammunition, the LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II is specifically designed for that purpose.

And you will be wise to take advantage of its affordable price.

The Challenger reloading press with a strong O-frame has an opening at 30°, more than average.

This means you will have a massive clearance, making it easy for you to move your hands while reloading the case. Besides, it is designed for reloading most kinds of cartridges.

Thanks to its compound leverage mechanism, it can also do full-length sizing on most magnum cases.

So, with this press, you can reload rounds with accurate measurements and be satisfied with the finished product.

To ensure accurate ammunition, this model offers the Lee safety scale, and it will be so useful to a shooter.

This scale is made of sturdy phenolic metal, thus boosting durability. Its accurate measurements make sure that you will calibrate the bullets precisely.

Another essential accessory of this kit is the Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing. As its name suggests, it will help you to switch, install, and remove your dies in just a blink of an eye.

You do not need to buy all of the equipment for your reloading kit separately. With this machine, everything you need is here, just in one package!

The kit includes a complete well-designed powder-handling system with a precise powder measure, as well as tools for preparing the cases: a primer pocket cleaner, a cutter with a lock stud for clipping the cases, a tool for the case mouth chamber, a tube of premium sizing lubricant.

So, as you can see, unlike most reloading kits available on the market, this package has everything you are looking for to complete reloading ammunition. But there is still a minus. For instance, the kit does not include the shell – that means you have to purchase it separately.

Or, the powder scale may have lagged in reading the weight sometimes.

With a high-quality turret press working harmoniously with its case preparation tools, consistency of reloading, and quick change of dies, this option is worth every penny you invest in!


3 LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit – Best Turret Press

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit

If your budget does not allow you to buy an expensive reloading kit, why not consider a more affordable solution?

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit is a kit like that and works well for both novices and seasoned gun experts.

It can serve most kinds of handguns and is only limited by dies. So you need to buy specific die sets suited to your requirements.

The kit comes with a 4-hole turret, making the change of calibers easier and quicker.

You just need to swivel the turret to move to the following stage, then load complete rounds without changing the dies.

The large and small safety prime feed, consisting of well-constructed and sturdy plastic parts, helps you to avoid manual placement of primers in the brass.

There is no need for a hand priming tool, and the reloading progress becomes easier.

The pro-auto-disk powder measure is another mostly plastic assembly. It has a loose-fitting lid that allows the hopper to clear the priming arm when used in addition to the die.

You may find it confusing at first. But do not worry, once you are familiar with it, it will be easy to handle.

So, how can you make it work? Push the disk under the powder hopper, then drop the powder through the expanding die into your casing through the hole.

Finally, the case prep tools, or a blister pack, include a case cutter, a case of lube for rounding out your case prep needs, a primer pocket cleaner, a chamfer tool, and a lock stud.

These five securely packed elements will help to reduce clutter when working on your reloading endeavors.

But here are the cons you must consider. The balance beam scale may be a little onerous for some users to operate. That is also why many people buy a digital scale separately instead.

Besides, the Lee safety scale will effectively engage the reloader when measuring grain. If you want to leave concentration on something else, this kit may not be for you.

So, this is a powerful and low-cost kit for reloading. It will satisfy any newcomer or seasoned reloader.

The safety primer feed dismisses the need for a hand priming tool while the four-hole turret ensures a much more rapid reloading rate.


4 RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit – Best Single-Stage Press

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

This brand is not strange in the reloading machine market.

This kit includes an updated case loading block, a hex key pack, deburr tool, an accessory handle, and a hand priming tool for reducing the risk of tray detonation.

The frame structure of the device is stable with an O shape. Also, the heavier weight of the unit will bring more stability to the product. Also, this kit is quite durable and robust.

Every little part is made of high-quality materials so that it can last many years without any trouble.

And thanks to the optimum weight of the RCBS press, essential factors like precision and ram pressure receive a boost as well.

As for the quality, it is top-notch! The pins on the link are well-supported.

The Rock Chucker Supreme Press, a highlight making this kit one of the most high-quality ammo reloading machines, deserves our praise!

The press is lengthened to make it easy of loading all cartridges, even longer ones. So, you do not need to worry about accommodating longer cartridges or not.

The ambidextrous handle, which brings strength and versatility, also boosts smooth operation.

What’s more, the M500 Mechanical Scale, featuring the RCBS magnetic damping system, ensures rapid but precise reading.

The loading will also be easier thanks to the tip-proof metal pan.

Anything to complain? Yes, we are talking about the priming tool. It is not appropriately placed. You need to tilt it towards the left and away from your body. Then, the primers will feed right.

Smooth operation, excellent strength and versatility, and precise reloading. Well, there is no need to think twice with the RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit!


5 Hornady 085010 Reloading Kit – Best Complete Kit

Hornady 085010 Reloading Kit

Hornady has been famous for its quality presses, and it has become one of the most trusted names on the market.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Press Deluxe Kit is a great choice to start reloading.

The package comes with full features, like a positive priming system, primer catcher, handheld priming tool, the Lock-N-Load Bushings for rapid change of dies, chamfer and deburr tool, shell holders in most common sizes, bushings, Sure-Loc rings, except for reloading dies.

Yes, you have to purchase dies separately.

The cast alloy frame features an O-ring design and 30-degree open.

This durable material boosts both rigidity and stability for precise reloading and prevents it from breaking or failing.

And the unique angle of the frame will give you greater visibility and more ease of accessing the cartridge in the press.

What’s more, the Power-Pac linkage design can multiply the leverage you apply to the handle, thus making it easier to size cases, thus lowering fatigue caused to users.

If you are interested in precision rifle shooting and reloading or are a beginner, you should try this option.

This deluxe kit offers a few more items compared to the original one, making it a complete reloading solution.


6 Hornady 85003 Reloading Press Kit – Best Kit For Beginners

Hornady 85003 Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press Kit

Our last suggestion is the Hornady 85003 Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press Kit.

Like some products on the list, this affordable solution comes with a single-stage press, which is versatile, speedy, efficient, and accurate with an electronic scale.

Let’s look at what this model offers you! It features the Lock-N-Load powder measure for precise bullet powder charge.

Moreover, the Lock-N-Load technology allows you to replace the dies on the press in just a matter of seconds.

What you need to do is fit the die in place and turn it when it locks. Regardless of the caliber you use, you will have consistent reloading.

It also includes a lot of extras, for example, a handheld priming tool, a positive priming system, a primer catcher, a universal reloading block, chamfering and deburr tools, and three die bushings.

It also has the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading for more information.

But just like the Hornady model above, this kit has the same drawback. You have to purchase the dies separately – they are not included in the package.

And it is not the most robust system on the market. But with this affordable price, you cannot expect more than that.

Overall, the Hornady 85003 Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press Kit definitely have all the standards that Hornady has set for their products.


Things to Consider When Looking for Best Reloading Kit

When buying every product, it is necessary to consider some crucial factors before choosing one. And a reloading kit is no exception.

If this is your first time buying an ammo reloading kit, well, you should pay more attention to these things below:


You need to make sure that your ammo reloading kit has the best quality material. It will keep your reloading kit solid, durable, and long-lasting.

Most models on the market are made of either steel or aluminum. And these are also the material we recommend.

To enjoy the best quality that the reloading kits bring, you should look for reputable and famous brands.

All the leading brands appear in our review so that you will have a variety of decisions: RCBS, Lee, Hornady, Lyman, and so on.


There are three main types of the press: single-stage press, turret press, and progressive reloading press.

Single-stage Press

It is considered one of the slowest reloading systems. There is only one operation at once, and after each operation, the casing must be removed.

Because the press can only hold one die, every time you need to switch operations, the die must be changed.

So, if you choose to load on this type of press, you need to do it in batches.

In return, a single-stage press often comes at a lower price.

And if you are a low-volume shooter or beginner, it will be the best choice because it really helps you to learn fundamental things about reloading your cartridges.

Turret Press

Like a single-stage press, this type of press carries out only one operation for each pull of the lever.

So, any difference? It lies in how the press holds your dies. With a turret press, there is a rotating cylinder at the top of the press, which holds the dies to load rounds.

It also allows you to eliminate loading in batches as well as taking off the case from the press after each step.

How can you reload on this press? Just pull the lever, then index the turret. With just a few simple pulls of the lever, you will go from an empty case to a fully loaded round.

And do you know that some turret press models have an auto-indexing? It means that you just need to pull the lever.

A turret press is like something in the middle from a single-stage press to a progressive reloading one. It is much faster but more expensive than a single-stage one.

And similarly, it is a little slower but much cheaper than a progressive one.

So, if you are a medium-volume shooter, a turret press will be an excellent choice.

Progressive Reloading Press

This last type is the most effective, and of course the most expensive among the three. It can load up to 1,000 rounds in an hour and perform multiple operations at a time.

Like the turret press, this progressive holds dies at the top of the press. But here is the difference.

A progressive one has many shell holders, thus conducting every operation of the reloading process at once.

This press type is not suitable for everyone, especially beginners or low-volume shooters. The price is too high! It is only suitable for experienced reloaders or masterful shooters.

Included Accessories

  • Reloading dies – Placed into a reloading press, reloading dies are used to resize, de-cap, and expand the cartridge to the accurate caliber.
  • Shell Holder – Together with the die set, the shell holder is used to hold the shell firmly during assembling.

You can use a universal shell holder, but you must know that there are specific caliber versions designed for the particular shell diameter and taper.

  • Powder scale – It precisely measure the needed amount of gunpowder in a round. It can come with either a balanced or electronic model. Balance scales are easier to calibrate, but electronic ones are much more accurate.
  • Powder measure – It is another method for deciding the amount of powder. There are three main types of powder measures: dippers, bench-mounted measures, and electronic dispensers.

Dippers measure by volume and have limited accuracy.

Bench mounted measures, attached to the hopper, use a rotor to distribute the same amounts to each shell.

Finally, with electronic dispensers, you can type in the required weight. It can automatically measure out the exact amount.

  • Calipers – They measure the brass and ensures it is within specifications. Besides, they measure the length of the cartridge to get the coveted length.
  • Case tumbler – It is responsible for cleaning shell casings in just a few hours, thus improving the performance of the ammunition.

Ease Of Usage

Do you agree that even with an instruction manual, you still find it challenging to grasping it all, especially when you are new to reloading kits?

That is why we highly recommend the ammo reloading kits that are easy to use and require a few extras to operate.

We understand that there is nothing more depressing than having to gather all the extra stuff after you have spent a lot of money on your kit first.


So, if you expect the most accurate shooting and not to burn your pocket every time you shoot, it is better to reload your ammo from now on.

And what if you are just a novice? What you need is a kit that is easy-to-use, affordable, and effective.

We hope you will get the best reloading kit for yourself after our review.

Still, struggling to find one? Try the Dillon XL650 Blue Dream Machine to make your reloading process more straightforward.

Thank you for reading and support us by commenting and sharing!